Beyonce Knowles hairstylesIf a poll were taken Beyonce would come up trumps. The poll Beyonce would rise to the top of is a beautiful skin poll. You can't deny she has healthy and beautiful skin, and it would be a sure bet that one of the reasons her skin's so radiant and lovely is because she's got a healthy skin routine in place. Of course environmental and hormonal factors can't be controlled when it comes to the health of the skin- and maybe Beyonce's often lucky in these respects- but some things can be done to maintain healthy skin. Beyonce probably realizes this, and with a little dedication you too could have healthy and beautiful skin. is here to keep you up to date with hair and beauty advice. In the past we've clued you in about organic beauty products, facials and different skin care routines, and today we've got 6 tips for beautiful and healthy skin.

  1. Did you know dust and dirt from skin cleanser bottles can get on your hands and irritate your face when you wash it? Prevent this from happening by keeping your bottles and containers clean.
  2. When's the best time to wash your face? After you use your shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Never pick skin blemishes because this will make things worse. Instead apply an appropriate skin treatment.
  4. Never touch your face without washing your hands first.
  5. Wash and cleanse your face after you floss. Why? All that stuff you flick out from between your teeth can irritate your skin if it lands on your face.
  6. Use a good quality facial mask that suits your skin type and exfoliate once a week.