Natalie Portman hairstyleWell, now I’m not so sure. After a bit of reading it seems organic’s not such a crock after all; in fact you can look as good using organic beauty products as Natalie Portman and you can be healthier on yourself on the environment. Really.

Something is defined as “organic” when it’s produced without the use of artificial chemicals. As well as organic beauty products, there’s clothing made from organic cotton—Target’s apparently doing a range now—and of course there’s organic food. Organic clothing’s mostly about reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable farming, and so are organic food and beauty products, but the latter are also important because they aim to reduce our consumption of harmful chemicals.

I’ve always wondered about all the chemicals I’m spreading on my face when I rub my anti-ageing moisturiser into my skin day and night. So it’s great to know that many organic products like shampoos, soaps and hair styling products don’t contain artificial lathering agents and fragrances. With the number of alleged carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals multiplying daily, no artificial stuff sounds good to me.

The downside to organic beauty products is that they can be more expensive. The quality’s there though, and they perform just as good as “traditional products”—if not better. And more importantly too, the higher prices mean organic farmers can take better care of their land and implement sustainable growing techniques.

I don’t actually know if Natalie Portman uses organic beauty products, but heck she might as well, and so should you, because now I’m convinced they’re heaps better. I mean, now that I’ve realized organic can cure my fear of chemicals and I can contribute to sustainability, I’m all over the organic beauty product aisle in my supermarket. Take my advice.