Redheads everywhere will love this fun makeup look recently spotted on the beautiful Bella Thorne. There are two things you should have before your attempt this makeup look: 1. A cool skin tone and 2. A red base to your hair. Even if your hair is a deep auburn or light strawberry blonde, you can still pull this eyeliner style off with ease.

Bella Thorne hairstylesWhen you are choosing blue eyeliner, one thing to consider is your eye color. If you have light blue eyes, you can wear anything from baby blue to a deep blueberry shade. Ladies with dark blue eyes should stick to cobalt blue or navy. If you have amber or brown eyes, Bella’s periwinkle shade will suit you perfectly.

Now lets talk about the technique. Bella has used a double liner effect to really make her eyes pop. First, she has used a dark color to line the top lash line. You can use black, brown or a dark blue, depending on what matches your lighter blue shade. Use the darker color on the outer bottom lash line as well, and extend it past the corner of the eye like Bella has done. Finally, use your bright/light blue to fill in the lash line on the top and bottom of the eye, making sure you line the inner corner of the eyes as well. This creates a vibrant line around the entire eye. Finally, use lash-boosting mascara to enhance your eyelashes.

Keep your electric blue eyes the focus by wearing a natural lip color, and skip the blush or bronzer for this look.