Thomas Dekker Short Wavy Dark Blonde Hairstyle

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Added: 05 Aug 2018
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Thomas Dekker flaunts a cool cut on the run way and now you can create your very own red carpet look every day of the year. This cool cut has long wispy layers on the top and a clean, short finish to the sides of the hair as well as to the back of the head. This hairstyle is very versatile as you can style it upwards to create some height as you can see in the picture above or, you can style the hairstyle downwards which is a much softer look as well as a more casual, every day look. It is ideal if you style the hair with the natural waves of your hair. This is going to make styling easier for you in the morning and it is going to look more natural. Add a blonde shoe shine to the tips of your hair to highlight the height of this hairstyle and it will also open up your face some more and create a lighter look over all. Due to the face that the hairstyle is short and completely off your face, ensure that you have a clean shave or a neat and tidy shave to keep this overall look of clean cut and stylish. Your eyebrows also need to be neat and tidy. This is going to ensure that you have a clean overall look.

Hairstyle Type


Haircut Technique



Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture
Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, and 41 - 50
Forehead Height


10 minutes
Mousse and Moulding Cream

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Styling Steps

1. Apply Mousse

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Apply styling mousse to damp hair, using your palm as a measuring guide, and evenly distribute it along the hair shaft. Styling mousse will add hold and can help achieve better results.

2. Use a Blow-dryer and Fingers to Dry Hair Messy

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Using your blow-dryer, flip your head upside down and dry your hair using your fingers until your hair is completely dry. Remember, the messier, the better.

3. Finger Dry the Back with Blow-dryer

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Use your blow-dryer and your fingers to dry the back of your hair by moving your hair around to allow the heat to pass through it.

4. Spike Top Using Moulding Cream

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Apply moulding cream to your fingertips, then grab a small section of hair and rub the moulding cream into the roots before twisting and pulling your hair upwards. For messier spikes, use a generous amount of moulding cream while twisting your hair in different directions.

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