Joyful Drake Long Curly Black Hairstyle

Added: 07 Jul 2011
Hairstyle Suitability Rating: ★★★★★
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Although long curly hair looks gorgeous as is, sometimes you want to wear it up to look more formal... or because it's driving you nuts! For the latter, you have your choice of a ponytail, bun or braid to get it off your face, but for the former, what's a girl to do? Some updo styles can be difficult to achieve with long hair, especially if it is thick and curly like Joyful Drake's.

Here, she has come up with the perfect solution for a red carpet look - her hair looks elegant due to the tumbling curls, while the half-up style scores fashion points. If you want to copy this style, simply follow these easy steps.

1. Make sure your curls are in perfect condition before you start. Condition, protect and gloss those curls up!

2. Create volume at the roots (if you don’t have any naturally) by teasing it. Starting at the outer left corner of your hairline, create a hair part and sweep the hair over. Joyful has sculpted a nice wave detail that you can try out on your hair.

3. Once the loose hair is swept into place, take the remaining hair on the other side of the part and pull it around to the back firmly, then pin into place. If you want to get creative, you can add a roll, twist or braid at the back before you pin it. Use your imagination and styling skills to create you very own unique look!

This formal hairdo is curled from root to tip and swept over to one side and draped over the shoulder for a sexy look and feel. This elegant style can be easily re-created on most hair types and perfect for any special occasion.

Hairstyle Type


Haircut Technique

Scissor Cut


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture

Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, and 41 - 50

Forehead Height
Neck Length


30+ minutes
Teasing the top of this hairstyle will help to achieve height.
Mousse and Hair Spray
Hot Rollers

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Styling Steps

1. Apply Mousse

step 1

Apply styling mousse to damp hair, using your palm as a measuring guide, and evenly distribute it along the hair shaft. Styling mousse will add hold and can help achieve better results.

2. Use a Blow-dryer and Fingers to Dry Your Hair Off

step 2

Using your blow-dryer, dry your hair using your fingers, separating the hair and allowing it to dry at the roots first then the mid lengths and then the ends. Making sure the roots are dry first will ensure that your hairstyle does not fall flat.

3. Use Medium Hot Rollers

step 3

A medium hot roller is used to give your hair looser curls and can also be used for body.

4. Apply Hot Rollers Through the Back

step 4

Take the entire back section of your hair, and then starting from the crown, take a smaller section of hair no wider than the diameter of the hot roller and comb it through to ensure there are no knots. Place the roller at the ends of the section of hair, being sure to smooth the ends under, and then twist the roller down the hair shaft until it meets your head and then secure it in place with a pin or clip. Repeat this step until you have reached the nape of your neck and the entire back section of your hair is completed. Keep the rollers in your hair until they cool.

5. Apply Hot Rollers Vertically to the Side

step 5

Take a section of hair no wider than the diameter of the hot roller and comb it through to ensure there are no knots. Place the roller at the ends of the section of hair, being sure to smooth the ends under, and then twist the roller vertically, making sure to roll it backwards, along the hair shaft to the roots and secure it with a pin or clip. Keep the rollers in your hair until they cool.

6. Pin the Side Back

step 6

Take your section of hair and pull it tightly across to the opposite side and pin it securely into place.

7. Tease Hair

step 7

Pick up a small selection of hair from your mid section no bigger than your tail comb. Place your comb at the roots and then comb up and down until the hair is standing up by itself. Continue to the crown and finish at the sides. Repeat this step if you require more volume.

8. Apply Hairspray

step 8

To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.

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