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Rihanna Short Straight Casual Pixie Hairstyle - Black Hair Color

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Added: 19 Sep 2012
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Rihanna stepped out recently wearing a dramatic new short hairstyle that makes her look like a modern day Betty Boop... maybe she's not such a bad girl after all!

This feminine pixie-style cut looks great with her gorgeous features, not to mention that the natural black hair color looks flawless with her latte complexion and green eyes. Finally, Rihanna has ditched the crazy red weaves and is going for a more demure look.

To go with her new haircut, Rihanna chose simple makeup for a modern, fresh look. Her green eyes have been highlighted with shades of peach, brown and bronze and her lips look fabulous in matte red lipstick. Rihanna has also used a soft brown pencil to fill in her eyebrows, which is especially important when you are wearing a dramatic, face-framing hairstyle.

The back and sides of this short 'do are cropped short and close to the head, maintaining a neat and tidy finish to the edges. The back and sides have also been blended into the top length, which has been left long enough to be worn flat for a smooth and sexy finish. Product is needed for hold and shine as well as regular trims to maintain the style.

To finish off the entire look, Rihanna chose a gorgeous white dress and matching diamond stud earrings. Dangly or drop earrings would be another good choice for ladies who have pixie cuts like Ri-Ri, but just make sure they don't overpower the simplicity of the look. This is just one example of how keeping it simple with your hair, makeup and clothes can produce stunning effects.

Hairstyle Type



Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture
Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, 41 - 50, 51 - 60, and Over 60


Styling Time
10 minutes
Styling Tip
Direct your hair into position while applying the finishing products.

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Styling Steps

1. Wax Hair Down at the Back


Apply some wax to your fingertips and then pull through the ends of your hair in a downward motion to achieve a sculptured look. Pinch clumps of hair in different directions for a messier result.

2. Style Sides Down Using Wax


Using a small amount of wax, work it through the mid-lengths and ends in a downward, pinching motion. For added texture, apply more pinching and more wax.

3. Flatten the Top Using Wax


Apply wax to the palms of your hands, and then starting at the top-back area, drag your hands forward, flattening your hair down as you go. For a wetter look use more wax.

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