Here at the we have come up with a few simple guidelines to use when trying to find the right haircut for a great new 'do, because when you've got the perfect haircut, everything else will fall into place.

Hair being cut with scissors

The first rule is not to expect the stunning bob that your hairdresser gave to the women that just walked out is what you should have. Not all of the latest hair trends are going to suit you and you also need to make sure that your hairdresser doesn't talk you into a cut that isn't right for you. You need to be the judge. After all, who better to determine the right haircut then the person that has to style it everyday? Also, don't think that walking into a ritzy salon and paying a fortune for a haircut because you think you'll come out looking like a star is going to work either, unfortunately it doesn't always go that way.

Tell/Show Your Hairdresser

  • What you do with your hair everyday (wash and wear, blow-dry, pin it up).
  • What you would like to do with your hair everyday.
  • A picture of what you think looks good on you (use to help you find a style quickly and easily).

Your hairdresser should then be able to advise you using all of the information that you have given to them, plus all the other factors, such as your face shape and hair texture etc. Their expertise and understanding of how to use this information will create a beneficial personal and helpful consultation of your hair and let you know exactly how it should be cut.

It's as simple as that!

With 20 years hairdressing experience, I can tell you that there are no secrets to the perfect haircut. It's all about the information that you pass onto your stylist and the passion, commitment and care that they give to your hair.

How To Know If You've Got The Perfect Haircut

  • It enhances your appearance and your hair texture/type.
  • It works with your hair type (example: curly hair).
  • Works well with your lifestyle and commitments.
  • It makes you feel confident.
  • It still looks good and has held it's shape by the time you're ready for your next appointment.

You can style it yourself with a few handy hints from your stylist and with some practice (it doesn't matter whether your style takes 5 minutes or 1 hour to style, as long as you can do it!)