A makeover is a significant change in your appearance. Makeovers can make you feel great and they can be just the change you're looking for; but sometimes it can be a little hard to take the steps and know when to act.

The images below are examples of celebrities who have significantly changed their hair. A makeover isn't just a minor change, like trimming your bangs or trying a shade lighter than your natural hair color. A makeover is a total image overhaul. Among other things a makeover means completely changing your haircut, hairstyle and hair color.

A makeover is a real big change and it can be the perfect remedy if you're feeling a little bored and dissatisfied. Think how great it feels to clean out your closet, or get a whole new outfit of clothes; and think how refreshed you feel after a holiday in an exciting new foreign country. A makeover can have exactly the same effect.

But you need to know when to act. Like any change- hairstyling or other- you should consider a makeover for a while first. Thinking about it for a few days is a little impulsive, and a few months means something more serious is putting you off your makeover. You're definitely on the right track with a couple of weeks research and a good hair consultation with your hairstylist.

Check out these radically different celebrity hairstyles and get inspired about your own makeover:



Long Locks vs. Short Undercut
Rihanna Long Wavy hairstyle


Rihanna Short Straight Undercut Hairstyle

Rihanna has traded a 50s inspired long chocolate brown layered hairstyle for a short undercut that harks back to 90s skateboard fashion. The length and height on top adds some interesting contrast to the clippered sides... but some critics are saying her new hairstyle is a little harsh overall.


Victoria Beckham

Blonde Concave Bob vs. Jagged-Cut Short Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Short Straight Blonde Concave Bob


Victoria Beckham Short Straight hairstyle

Victoria likes to keep her hair quite short and in both examples longer bangs suit her well because they balance her narrow chin (that's why she would look even better in the second photo with her hair untucked from behind her ear). Jagged-cut wispy ends in the second image, and shorter layers near the crown, work really well.


Beyonce Knowles

Voluminous Curls vs. Sleek Long Hair
Beyonce Long Curly Voluminous hairstyle


Beyonce ong Straight hairstyle

Beyonce has tried pretty much every hairstyle under the sun (with the help of good hair weaves) and check out the difference here between her wild voluminous curls and her sleek and seductive long straight hairstyle. In the second photo soft face-framing layers throughout the front effectively add texture.


Britney Spears

Bob Hairstyle vs. Long Layered Hairstyle
Britney Spears hairstyles


Britney Spears Long Straight hairstyle

Britney's layered bob was nice and light through the edges. It fell just below her jaw and suited her face shape well- but she could have benefitted from doing her roots. She's had a makeover and opted for a long layered blonde hairstyle which suits her nicely because it sits flat with minimal width and volume.


Billy Ray Cyrus

Messy Mullet vs. Bob Hairstyle
Billy Ray Cyrus hairstylesBilly Ray Cyrus hairstyles

Billy Ray Cyrus changed his country music mullet for a one-length look a few years back. His new hairstyle sits flat and sleek, but it would probably suit his round face shape a little better if his part was in the middle and his length fell just below the jaw line.


A makeover is a big change, but make sure you think about it first. Have a chat with your hairstylist and do a little research. Don't go overboard though and don't think too long about it either because you could miss out on exactly the change you need.