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Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore hairstylesDrew looks great with this chin length tousled bob hairstyle. It's a hairstyle perfectly suited to beachey-types like Drew. Try it yourself if you feel like a little extra spring in your step.


Eva Longoria Parker Hairstyles

Eva Longoria Parker hairstylesEva is wearing her soft curls in an updo for an efforlessly sophisticated look. Updos are great hairstyles because they can be elegant like Eva's or a little more casual and everyday. For more information check out our hairstyles article "Updo Hair Special."


Orlando Bloom Hairstyles

Orlando Bloom hairstylesOrlando's hair is neat and tidy yet casual and fun. There's plenty of texture but rather than load it with too much hair product he's gone for a drier, softer look.


Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles

Sarah has worn her hair out with a striking side part. Long waves look sexy and healthy and add a little attitude to Sarah's otherwise more formal style.


Kate Hudson Hairstyles

Kate Hudson hairstyles

Kate's a huge fan of this hairstyle- or what we call "beach bunny tousled hair." It's a casual look that requires only a little wave enhancing spray and a twist here and there with a curling iron. It's perfect for summer!


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