Often, the most effective makeovers involve something simple, such as changing your hair texture. Turning your locks into super straight strands can transform your look, but it can also be a real effort -especially if your natural hair texture has some curl or wave to it. There’s also the likelihood that any straightening you do today is gone by tomorrow.

If this styling scenario sounds familiar, then we’ve got some very easy hairstyling tips that you can try which should give you straight hair that lasts. You’ll need a blow-dryer, flat iron, Velcro rollers and your favorite hairstyling products for the best results.

Hair Tips for Straight Hair that Lasts

Model with long blonde hair Apply a hair product that has smoothing properties from your roots to your tips.

Blow-dry your hair. If it’s wet, get the moisture out. If it’s dry, use the heat of the blow-dryer to help smooth down your strands.

Add a little serum to your locks, but avoid applying any to your roots or you could end up with an oily looking finish.

Section your hair into small, manageable sections and then clip away the sections you aren’t working on. It’s best to start with the underneath sections and then finish with the top sections, and then the areas around your face. If you have bangs, do them last.

Although you want a sleek, straight look, some volume in the root area is a must have and will stop your finish from looking too flat. To get said volume, wrap each section of hair into a Velcro roller once you’ve gone over it with your hair straightener. This will put some lift in your roots, as well as keeping your already straightened sections neatly out of the way.

Once all sections have been straightened and allowed to cool in the Velcro rollers, let your hair loose and then lightly apply some smoothing serum and hairspray.

The heat styling and products applied should allow your hair to stay straight for the next few days or longer (depending on your hair texture). The key to making straight hair last is ensuring that you get all of the moisture out of your locks. By blow-drying, straightening and applying products with hold, you should achieve just that!