If tying your hair back is part of your daily styling routine then these two great casual looks are worth a try!

Casual Curly Updo

Selena Gomez hairstylesSelena Gomez hairstyles

This casual curly updo is perfect for those who have some body and texture to their hair and don't necessary want to hide it away. The first step to achieving this look is to ensure your curls are in good condition. Work some frizz reducing hair product through your hair and style your curls so that the shape of your curl can be seen, but in a subtle way. You want some texture, but the curls do not need to be overly defined. If you don't have any natural curl, loosely plaiting damp hair and then letting it dry will produce the same finish.

Once your curls are ready, take the majority of your hair and then fasten it loosely at the nape of your neck. To finish, allow some strands around your face. This will keep your curls front and center, and provide a soft, casual hairstyle that is suitable to wear at any event.

Casual Straight Top Knot

Mayim Bialik hairstylesMayim Bialik hairstyles

For those with straight hair, especially if it's long in length, this top knot is a great way to wear your hair up but still show off some style. To re-create this look, start with hair that has been washed the previous day. You want clean strands that do have some grip from a small amount of natural oils. Take all of your locks and brush them upwards to the top of your head, securing with an elastic band. Next, style your strands into a bun or top knot, ensuring that the finish is loose. You want a casual feel, not an overly polished formal look. To further soften the look you can then leave some loose strands around your ears or framing your face if you wish.