Nancy O'Dell hairstyles

Upstyles are great, but whether it's your wedding night or prom, finding the perfect upstyle isn't that easy. To make an upstyle work you need to consider things like: the outfit you'll be wearing, your accessories, and even the affect of the weather on your look. After all, you want a style that's going to suit you and your outfit. It's essential that you think about things such as the likelihood of your hairstyle holding well in the weather, and also, if it'll fall out half way through the night (heaven forbid).

Think about your overall look. Are you going for an elegant style or a more casual look? Does the dress you'll wear have a low back? Questions like this are important if you really want to "wow" everyone at your event. If there's a golden rule I live by it's this: the more thought that goes into your look, the happier you'll be with the outcome. For instance, if your dress has diamantes, then pin a few through your hairdo to create a harmony between the two. Or if you're going for a wedding upstyle, then wear a diamond tiara to complement the dress.

Nancy O'Dell hair and dress

Your face shape is also a big factor that's essential for you to consider when designing your look. Think of it this way: it's something you can't alter to fit your style, so your style is going to have to fit your face. Most importantly you need to understand your face shape; for instance, is it oval, round, or oblong etc.? (For help see our Find Your Perfect Hairstyle consultation.) Once you've worked this out look at a range of styles to find what suits your face shape. For example, those with longer faces should try styles with width on the sides. They should also avoid upstyles with too much height as this could make your face seem longer. But rounder faces would suit upstyles with height since this would balance the shape of your face better.

Remember to experiment! When you go for your trial session (you'll have at least one before the big day or night), play around with your hairstyle. Bring your outfit too and make sure everything looks great together. Don't be afraid to suggest ideas, and bring some pictures from magazines for inspiration. At you can even step right into the future to see exactly what you'll look like with different upstyles. How? Upload your photo, use our virtual hairstyling system, and print your pictures.

You might be thinking this is all too much- after all, you just want a nice upstyle. But here's what I think: why settle for "nice" when you could look ABSOLUTELY SMASHING! Everyone will remember the diva that looked divine from top to bottom; no one will talk about the girl who just looked "nice". Remember, you want to stand out in the crowd!