Whether or not that new hairstyle you really want suits your face shape is probably one the most important things you should consider. And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind, then understanding your face shape and the kinds of hairstyles that suit is a great starting point for coming up with useful haircut ideas. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes in terms of things like how they add the appearance of symmetry to a face or draw attention to certain of your features (and away from others).

We've talked about curly hairstyles for your face shape but now our focus is wavy hairstyles- or more specifically easy wavy hairstyles (since we think it's good to know a few hairstyles that don't take forever to style). You'll understand how some wavy hairstyles are better suited to certain face shapes; for example they can make oblong faces appear wider, soften the angular lines of square faces and fill in the chin area of diamond face shapes.

Oblong Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Bonnie Somerville Medium Wavy soft layered Hairstyle

...Minimize Vertical Length

Bonnie Somerville's soft layered hair sits below the shoulders. It's a great wavy hairstyle for oblong face shapes because it promotes the appearance of width and also makes the face seem shorter. The back and sides are cut straight across/horizontal with a somewhat blunt edge to promote width, and the side part helps make the face appear wider. Also, heavy bangs that fall to the side effectively make the face look shorter. Styling this hairstyle shouldn't take too long at all: simply blow-dry and add large rollers for a sexy big curl and plenty of body.

Square Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Amy Poehler Medium Wavy Hairstyle

...Soften the Squareness of the Jawbone

Amy Poehler's casual wavy hairstyle is a smart choice for square face shapes. Soft graduating layers through the back and sides create a funnel shape in the sides and minimize the straight-across appearance of squareness. Soft waves fall onto the chin area and effectively work to soften and camouflage the angular lines of the jaw. The side part, along with the side-swept bangs, creates an oblique angle that reduces the appearance of blunt lines and squareness. To style blow-dry the back and sides under, blow-dry the top under to the right and left, quickly curl the back and mid-lengths with a curling iron and finish by piecing the ends and roots with wax.

Diamond Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

herington Payne Medium Wavy Hairstyle

...Minimize Length and Fill a Narrow Chin

Diamond face shapes need a little width to balance a narrow chin. The length of Kherington Payne's hairstyle, cut just below the chin at the sides and left as long as the collar in the back- creating a straight horizontal line, does exactly that. The waves that fall past the jaw also help to softly fill the chin area, and the side-swept bangs and side part help minimize length and bring balance to our model's diamond face shape. It's a relatively simple hairstyle to style: after blow-drying the sides and bangs curl the back and mid-lengths with a curling iron and piece your ends with some wax.

Oval Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Medium Wavy Hairstyle

...Show Off the Face

Sarah Michelle Gellar's long casual wavy hairstyle has a really nice natural look and feel about it. It's great for oval faces because it does exactly what all hairstyles for oval faces should do: it doesn't cover up or detract from the "perceived" perfection of their oval shape. The hair is placed behind the ears on the right and this allows the cheek area to be exposed while keeping the long bangs out of the eyes and off the face. Styling is as easy as applying a little mousse, blow-drying the back and sides under and, after adding some curls with a curling iron, pinching the ends with some molding cream.

Round Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Sara Paxton Long Wavy Hairstyle

...Add Vertical Length and Minimize Width

Round face shapes really suit long layered looks like this. The middle part of Sara Paxton's hairstyle immediately divides the face into two longer portions, thus creating the appearance of length (balancing the face's appearance of width). Some teasing on top adds length and the side layers, cut to fall well below the chin, exaggerate the appearance of vertical length as well. Styling is just a case of blow-drying the back, sides and crown, placing large Velcro rollers throughout the hair and then adding some product to piece the ends and lift the roots.

Heart Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

...Add Vertical Length and Minimize Narrowness of Chin

Heart shape faces need hairstyles that add a little width to the chin. This one's a very nice soft wavy layered look that falls just below the chin and fills that area nicely. The top has a zig-zag diagonal part that draws attention away from the forehead and creates a little bit of height at the same time. To style blow-dry the sides to kick-out, curl the back and sides with a curling iron and finish off with a little teasing through the top and some wax. Voila!

Triangular Face Shape

This Wavy Hairstyle Will...

Alfre Woodard's medium length layered hairstyle

...Remove Width in the Jaw and Chin

Alfre Woodard's medium length layered hairstyle has just enough height on top to add necessary length to triangular face shapes. The layered sides fall onto the jaw and soften up the appearance of this area, and the angle of layering in the sides creates the illusion of vertical length- lengthening the face's appearance. Wispy transparent bangs helps bring attention to the eyes and away from the wide jaw/chin typical of a triangular face shape. Styling involves sectioning the hair, blow-drying and, with a little wax, lifting the roots and styling the bangs forward.

Thinking about the relationship between hairstyles and your face shape is pretty simple. Remember: a hairstyle that suits your face shape is one that creates the appearance of symmetry. The easy wavy hairstyles above were chosen because they're great examples of how different wavy hairstyles can flatter different face shapes. And the great thing about them too is they are all relatively quick and easy to style. Try on one or two with our Virtual Hairstyler and see how they look on you. Or just experiment with a few of the styling tricks mentioned (for example, a side part can draw attention away from the blunt lines of a squarer face). You'll be amazed at the difference.