Choosing to switch up your color by making it brighter, lighter or darker can make a huge difference to your look and offers less risk than a hair color change that sends you in a totally different hair color direction. Just look at the change given to Jillian Rose Reed (below) when she swaps her dark red locks for a brighter, more vibrant red.

Jillian Rose Reed hairstylesJillian Rose Reed hairstyles

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Current Shade

Even a slight change in shade can brighten your complexion, and who doesn't want a great looking glow?

A change in hair color, especially if you go brighter or darker with your hair color, will give you the chance to play with bolder or softer makeup looks.

Taking your current color, especially if it's close to your natural hair color, a deeper shade instead of switching to a new shade will give you a much more suitable, flattering finish.

Going slightly darker or lighter with your current shade can give your hair a boost in the depth and shine department.

A change in shade can help your eye color to stand out. Even just a slight tweak in hair color tone is enough to boost the color of your eyes and put them on show.

A change of tone can take your hair from flat to fabulous. If your color has settled into a dull, matte tone, boosting the shade to a deeper color will put the life back into it.

Have you given this option a try and decided to make the most of what you have instead of switching to a completely different hair color? If so, what difference did it make to your look? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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