Whether going to the salon is rare luxury or a monthly necessity for you, these cost saving salon tips will help you to cut down on expenses without forsaking your hair.

Create a Budget

Model with a mid-length bobRealistically work out how much you can afford to spend and work within that number. This should also involve having a friendly chat with your hairstylist about the funds that you can spare for your hair and what services will help you to stay on track. It may mean switching to a lower-maintenance hair color option that allows for less touch ups (such as highlights vs. a one tone color that requires more regular root touch ups), or stretching the time between your regular trims.

Seek Specials

Ask if your salon offers specials and if there is some type of mail-out or email list you can be placed on that will let you know when they have discounted services coming up. You might also like to find out if they have any sort of loyalty or referral program that you can benefit from. Your salon might also have certain days of the week where you can get a better deal because it's a slower business day.

Give a Trainee a Try

Model with short two-tone hairHairstylists have to start somewhere and your salon may have special nights where you can have your hair colored or cut by an apprentice for a cheaper price. These events are usually conducted under the watchful eye of a senior stylist so you and your hair should be in safe hands.

Combine Your Services

Having your hair cut and color done at the same appointment might entitle you to a special rate, or you might be lucky enough to visit the salon the week they are offering a free hair treatment with your wash, or a bonus blow-dry. Multiple services can get you better deals so it doesn't hurt to ask.

Cut Out Unnecessary Services

Yes, it's wonderful to have your hair blow-dried by a professional into a celebrity worthy look after your cut or color, but you do have to pay for such a service. Other than the feel-good factor, it isn't a necessary service unless you have somewhere special to be right after your appointment. If a cut a color is good enough to refresh your locks then skip the blow-dry or do-it-yourself at home.

Buy Professional Products

Model with curly updoWhile buying more expensive hair products doesn't sound like a money saving tip, it will actually benefit you in the long run. Salon products are better quality than supermarket brands and will keep your hair and color in better condition. This in turn will save you money on color touch ups and treatments. If you still can't justify the cost, look out for salon supply warehouses which sell the same products seen in salons to the public at wholesale prices.

Switch to the Bare Basics

Do you really need a leave in conditioner if your wash out conditioner does the same job? And can your current style get away with just hair mousse instead or mousse, gel and hairspray? Ask your stylist what bare basics will get you a decent result or what cut or color you can switch to that will require less products and less hair maintenance.

Care for Your Hair at Home

Any hair care you can do at home, such as regular treatments that will keep your hair in top-condition or a ten minute root touch up between color appointments, is a benefit. If your hair is well looked after then you'll limit split ends, your hair color won't fade as fast and other common hair problems can be avoided. This in turn will save on your need for more expensive salon services.