Washing your hair, brushing it and even getting it dry are some of the most common hair care processes that everyone does to their hair. They are an everyday occurrence and performed by those who don't even like to do anything fancy with their hair.

These basics are essential for good hair appearance and health, but they can also be what stops your hair from pulling off a great look. That's right! Getting just one of these hair care basics wrong can sabotage your whole look, so avoid a finish that's wrong by getting these basics right!

Hair Care Basic: Washing Your Hair

How it Goes Wrong: Over Shampooing

Washing Your HairAlthough it doesn't seem logical that clean hair could ever be wrong, having hair that has been stripped of all natural oils is a big no-no. Not only will it take away your hair's natural protection, it could make your oil glands over-compensate and produce even more oil. Washing your hair too much is also the quickest way to make your hair color fade, and over-washed hair could give you strands so soft that any elaborate style (think gorgeous updos) would be impossible to re-create.

How to fix it: wash your hair every few days instead or every day, and use a dry shampoo to keep your locks smelling fresh in-between the suds.

How it Goes Wrong: Under Conditioning

Short Straight Red Hairstyle with flat hair
Some people skip conditioner because they fear it will make their hair look greasy or it will make their hair flat. If your conditioner is not working for you then you're using the wrong kind of conditioner! Every hair type needs to use a conditioner to balance and restore their hair strands. And if you don't use a conditioner, or are using the wrong one, then your hairstyle can be ruined by dry or unruly locks.

How to fix it: get the right type of conditioner and make sure you use it every time you shampoo. Fine or thin hair may need a very lightweight rinse out conditoner, and thicker hair may need a deep conditioner and the extra attention of a spray in conditioner. If you're not sure, see a hairstylist in person so they can assess your individual hair type and offer the right advice and product options. Pairing the right conditioner with your shampoo will give you much more manageable hair. Which in turn will give you the effortless hairdo finish you crave.

How it Goes Wrong: Using the Wrong Product Types

Long Wavy Dark Red Hairstyle
Just like the wrong type of skin care products can wreak havoc, so can the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner. It's a basic that you may read about all the time, but that is because so many people do get it wrong. The way to ensure that you're using the right products is to know what your hair type is. Make sure you've got it right by trying our free consultation - Know Your Hair Texture and Elasticity.

How to fix it: once you've pinpointed your exact hair type, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of using the right type of product on your hair. That in turn will give you a great result every time you style even though all you've done is simply wash your hair first. That's the power of well suited styling products, and the reason why your hairdo will be sabotage free!