Hair Care Myth #1

Having a haircut during the full moon will make your hair grow longer, healthier and faster

When the THS team decided to try this one out, not only did it not work, but it ended up being a fun night under the moon and starry sky.

Hair Care Myth #2

If you shave a baby's scalp, you can alter their natural hair texture

You honestly didn't think that we were actually going to try this one, did you? For the record, shaving a baby's scalp will not alter their hair at all- just like it wouldn't if you were an adult, so please, don't try this at home!

Hair Care Myth #3

Your hair can smoke while blow-drying

As a matter of fact it can, but not in a way that will damage your hair. Smoking while blow-drying can happen in two ways. One is from hair care products, such as mousse and wax, which can at times evaporate and cause a misty smoke. The second is from the heat caused by a hair iron. If your hair is a little wet, you will get similar smoke as you would when ironing your clothes - it's just simply steam, which when trying to straighten your hair, is not such a bad thing to have.

Hair Care Myth #4

Permanent tints are the only way to cover gray hair

I think everyone can appreciate this one. Depending on the level of gray in the hair it can be ultimately colored with a semi-permanent or demi-permanent- which is not only cheaper, but less harmful to the hair.

Hair Care Myth #5

Rubbing cigarette ash onto hair-dye stained skin will remove the color

Don't start lighting up those cigarettes just yet. Cigarette ash does work to remove dye, but it's abrasive and can irritate the scalp. Try using vaseline on your scalp before putting your color on, as this will stop any color from tinting and staining. There are also some products available on the market that will get any left over color without irritating the skin or leaving an unfashionable bright red mark across your forehead- not sexy!

Hair Care Myth #6

A little lemon juice and a little sun will lighten blonde locks

Sitting in the sun for 4 hours and smelling like a lemon is not fun, as one of our hair consultants recently found out. Although it seems like a simple and cheap alternative to bleach, unfortunately using lemon juice as a natural lighter does not work.

Hair Care Myth #7

Using a cheaper drugstore product is that same as using a product from a salon

This is a big no! Salon products are manufactured at a higher quality then drugstore products and the concentration that goes into them will give you the best possible results. Paying that extra dollar really does go a long way!

Hair Care Myth #8

Swimming in chlorine will make your hair green

One for the blondes that is unfortunately true. If you love green and you have tinted light blonde hair or naturally blond porous hair, than this is a fast and cheap way for a new color. If green hues are not for you, try using shampoos and conditioners that are designed specially for chemically treated hair.

Hair Care Myth #9

Using the same comb or brush as a person with a scalp disease will spread the disease

Ah, the question asked by so many people which is unfortunately very true. Sharing combs is a big no-no as you can receive lice and other parasites from brushes, combs and other hair care tools that aren't yours.

Hair Care Myth #10

Having a sunburnt scalp can lead to hair loss

For all you beach lovers, this one is for you. Sitting in the sun for a whole day can cause damage to the delicate hair follicles and for all those that have an inherited genetic hair loss gene - damage of this kind can push the likelihood of hair loss forward. There are products that can protect the hair from the sun, so if you love sitting in the sun, buy these products.