Daily exercise is a great habit to get into and will benefit your health and your locks. If the thought of your perfectly styled hair getting ruined is one of the excuses you’re using to opt out of a workout, use these tips to keep your hair looking fabulous while you get your fitness on track.

Perfect Your Hairstyle

Model with short brunette bobIf your hair has been styled correctly in the first place then a session at the gym won't undone your hairstyling efforts too drastically -unless of course you're really burning those calories and sweating buckets! Take a good blow-wave for example. Yes, it takes effort to get a professional finish, so we understand that ruining it with a sweaty workout might be off-putting, but if your blow-wave is done correctly then it will stay relatively intact. Same goes for any type of 'do that has been styled with care.

Make Good Use of Styling Products

Model with naturally curly hairProducts that will help to protect and keep the shape of your style, such as hairspray and gel, should be used to finish off your 'do so it has some hold, but don’t go overboard. Some styling products, especially those with silicone in them will make your locks limp and attract dirt when you hit the gym. Try lightweight products and only add what’s necessary to give your strands some staying power. Once you’re at the gym, refresh your look with dry shampoo before and after your workout. Before will help to protect your strands from sweat, after will mop up any grease and hair oil.

Go for a Bun

Model with a top knotPutting your hair up to work out is a necessity, especially if you have long hair. The most common option is usually a ponytail, but a ponytail can cause your hair to slick down at your scalp and collect sweat and oil, and will leave behind a tell-tale elastic band mark. Instead, opt for a loose top knot or bun that has been secured with bobby pins. This will help keep the strands on your scalp loose and more likely to evaporate any sweat. And, by forgoing a hair elastic, there won’t be any hair kinks to ruin your original hairstyle.

Opt for a Headband

Model with long blonde hair A headband that will absorb the sweat around your hairline and the nape of your neck is a great way to help protect your ‘do from disaster. With gym gear becoming super stylish nowadays, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a headband that will ensure you don’t look like a fitness freak from the ‘80s while keeping your locks in top-notch form.

Finish with a Blast

After you’ve put in the exercise effort, carefully mop up any sweat around your hairline with an absorbent towel and then refresh with a blast of cool air. Get a blow-dryer that has a cool shot button and aim it at your roots for a few seconds to fight off further sweat. Finish with a little dry shampoo and you and your locks should be good to go!