Damaged hair isn’t a good look for you, and certainly isn’t a good thing for your hair. Tresses that are constantly bombarded with chemicals, heat styling, outside elements and other factors tend to lose their luster. Get it back with these four easy hair tips.

Make Regular Salon Visits

Model with long blonde hairThis is one of the best ways to keep your hair in tip top form. At the salon you can have any split ends trimmed off, damage soothed with professional-strength hair treatments, and access to higher quality dyes and shampoos and conditioners. A chat with your hairstylist also gives you the chance to get professional hair advice and maintenance ideas for looking after your locks at home.

Purchase Professional Styling Tools

If you regularly use heat stylers like blow-dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons then it pays to ensure what you’re using on your hair is of a high quality. Yes, it may be expensive, but professional styling tools do last longer than cheaper alternatives and cause less damage to your hair. Even everyday tools like your hair brush, comb and hair elastics should be good quality, too, as they are less likely to damage and tear your hair when used.

Limit Damaging Hair Styling

Model with short blonde bobWe’re not saying you should never pick up a blow-dryer; just try not to follow it up with your hair straightener. Blasting your locks with heated air and then pulling your strands through heated plates is the quickest way to fry your locks. That type of hair styling and other processes such as dying your hair and then giving it a perm or chemical straighten straight away will stress your tresses to the max. Pick one damaging styling method at a time, and leave plenty of time between chemical processes to allow your strands the strength to keep up with your styling.

Detox Your Locks Regularly

Hair styling products and pollutants come into contact with your hair everyday so it’s important to ensure your locks get a good clean. While regular washes with shampoo will do this, even shampoo can leave behind a build-up of residue. Keep your locks squeaky clean by using a clarifying or detox shampoo once a week.