You Had One Bad Hairstyle Experience a Long Time Ago

Having a bad hairstyle experience a long time ago can have lasting effects on you. For example, it could have been a bad color or permanent wave that has led you to believe that you should steer away from these salon services at all costs and you have done so ever since. The truth is that chemical services have improved incredibly in the past few years and you could be robbing yourself of the chance to make life easier and more exciting, all because of a bad result many years ago. Perhaps it was a bad razor cut that has led you to believe incorrectly that your hair is the type that cannot be razored. What if this is not true? What if it was a poorly trained hairstylist that just got the whole thing wrong? It's pretty hard to know these sorts of things without having done a course in hairstyling, so what I am suggesting here is that you keep an open mind if a hairstylist ever makes a suggestion to you about trying something that might not have worked for you before. There are so many reasons and factors when things go wrong and they can include the following:

  • bad communication between you and your stylist where the wrong message has been sent and understood on both sides
  • incompetent skill or lack of care on behalf of your hairstylist
  • low grade/quality chemical products used by your hairstylist
  • wrong, off the mark expectations from you
  • wrong hairstyle choice that is not in line with your lifestyle needs
  • you making a sudden impulsive decision that your stylist completely missed
  • you were given a new hairstyle change too soon before you were mentally ready for it

You Have Had a Bad Hairstyling Experience More Than Once

If you have had a bad hairstyle experience more than one then it's probably left your confidence to try something new or even a variation of what you had done in a very fragile state. Depending on what the bad experience was, you can avoid it from happening again (chemical damage etc). However, a bad hairstyle is a combination of things that went wrong, not just one single thing. The whole episode most likely began on the wrong foot in the consultation stage. If the starting plan (the foundation) is wrong, then the hairstyle is doomed from the start no matter what happens there after.

You Regularly Have Bad Hairstyling Experiences

Considering that most people on average visit a hair salon between 6-12 times per year, the chance of getting a bad hairstyle can be high. The fact that it is happening to you on a regular basis is unfortunate, but the good news it that it can be stopped and avoided. It's important to not let any bad experiences stop you from trying new hairstyles and looks; they are after all, in the past!

You Have a Bad Hairstyling Experience Everytime You Visit Your Salon

If you have had bad hairstyle experience everytime then you could be excused for thinking that it's just not worth the trouble to consider changing your hairstyle. It could just be a case of terrible luck, bad timing, or that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reason was, it would now be a good time to arm yourself with a new strategy to stop this from happening again. There are so many things that can happen and result in a bad hairstyle experience even before you start, and through my experience, the biggest reason has been bad consultation or a lack of communication between client and stylist.

It's really as simple as what you understand versus what your stylist understands. Let's use the example of soft waves. To you soft waves could mean a very slight bend in your hair. To your stylist, soft waves could mean soft curls. It's to your advantage to make sure that you go into your hair salon armed with information and pictures about what it is that you want.

Even if you are not totally sure exactly what you want, it's still a good idea to have some thoughts (bits and pieces) about things such as hair length or color etc. For example, using words like “to sit above, on, or below the shoulders” will set certain parameters that any hairstylist should be able to follow. Other things to discuss include how talented you are at re-producing the new planned hairstyle at home as well as your time factors and future hairstyling maintenance.

You do have an important role to play and that is to get your message across in a clear concise way. Be sure that your stylist is on the same page as you and that they fully understand what you're asking for and that you probe them for anything at all that slightly worries you. Don't settle for “leave it to me I know what you want” if you feel that they have not listened. The rest will then be up to your stylist to use their expertise and knowledge to create that new hairstyle. Ultimately, they do know what's best and it's a good idea to listen and be guided by what they tell you, but only IN CONSULTATION.

You need to try a new strategy when you visit your hairstylist. Use pictures and be sure to discuss what you do like and don't like before any work is performed on your hair. If you are satisfied with your consultation first, then there is a very good chance your new hairstyle will be just right!

So don't allow bad past hairstyling experiences to stop you from trying something new. Understanding some of the reasons why the experience happened to you can stop it from happening again. Keep an open mind to things that could make life easier and more exciting and learn from your experiences, try a new strategy and then move on! The only thing that is worse than a hairstyle disaster is if it stops you from trying new styles and services that could make you feel and look wonderful!