Wedding Hair Mistake #1

Choosing a hairstyle because it's in fashion or on a celebrity

The #1 mistake a bride can make is not choosing a style that represents her. Just because red carpet events and catwalks are brimming with braided styles and ponytail quiff's doesn't mean that you need to copy the styles, especially if it's a style that you wouldn't normally wear.

Wedding Hair Mistake #2

Wearing a hairstyle someone else wants you to wear

Just like choosing a hairstyle based on fashion, wearing a hairstyle because your mother/grandmother/hairdresser thinks it'll look fabulous is not the way to go. You should feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day and you can't do that by wearing a hairstyle that someone else wants you to wear instead of the one you really want.

Wedding Hair Mistake #3

Wearing a hairstyle that your hair simply can't support

Yes, a cascade of curls will look breathtaking with your long flowing dress, but if you're hair is poker straight and simply won't hold a curl, you'll be wasting your time. Instead, discuss with your hairstylist the best kind of hairstyles to match your hair and your dress.

Wedding Hair Mistake #4

Over accessorizing

The purpose of a hair accessory is to add to your hairstyle and there is no better way to glam up a style then by adding something that sparkles. But too much can be too much. If you're wearing a simple gown and jewelry, using a hair accessory will really add a glamorous touch, but if your dress is on the detailed side, try to keep any hair accessories simple and low-key.

Wedding Hair Mistake #5

Not considering all the factors

Other factors to think about when deciding on your wedding hairstyle include whether the ceremony and reception are in the daytime or in the evening, and if any part of the wedding requires you to be outside in the elements (wind, rain, etc) for a long period of time. The most important factor is also how long your hairstyle needs to last.

Wedding Hair Mistake #6

Adding your own highlights

If you want to color you own hair, that's fine, but adding highlights is strictly a job for professionals. "At home bleaching can cause a multitude of problems," color expert Paola Fioramonte advises. "So much can go wrong, such as a bad reaction to the chemicals, which will cause the hair to break, and not separating the highlighted strands from the hair around it can cause the bleach to bleed onto the other strands, which will leave you with a messy look."

Your big day is a big event, but the most important thing to remember is that it should also be about fun, happiness and celebration!