Not every celebrity gets it right when on the red carpet, and it's next to impossible to find any celebrity that hasn't had some type of hairstyle disaster during their career. In most cases, the reasons for the bad 'do are some styling missteps which could have easily been avoided with some key styling changes.

Pamela Anderson's Half Updo
Pamela Anderson hairstylesPamela Anderson hairstyles

The biggest issue with Pamela Anderson's half updo is the volume. There's just too much through the crown and it gives her a very comical, over the top finish. She has fine hair, so adding some volume is a must, but volume of this level is just too excessive. It draw's attention to her hair in all the wrong ways. The hair texture in the rest of her strands is also a let down. It looks frizzy and knotty and would benefit from a more definitive texture.

How It Should Have Been Styled
Model with half updoModel with half updo

How her half updo should have been styled is just like our salon model. There's volume through the crown, but it's just enough to lift the roots and avoid a sleek, flat look through the top of the 'do. The front sections are side-swept instead of bizarrely styled upwards and around the face like Ms. Anderson. It looks much more flattering. The texture of our salon model's hair is also a better finish than Pamela's flat locks. The curls add a soft, romantic feel that does more justice to fine hair than scraggly straight strands.

If Pamela was to use even just one of the better styling elements in the salon half updo then her hairstyle wouldn't have been such a disaster. Here's hoping that she learned from her mistake and we won't be seeing anymore styling messes from her future red carpet looks.