Side Styled Elegance

Julianne Moore hairstylesJennifer Lawrence hairstyles

The only way to wear your hair down on the red carpet is by side styling it. Here, Julianne Moore (left) and Jennifer Lawrence (right) show off two versions. Julianne's side styled look is super straight and glossy with a deep side hair part. Jennifer's side styled look has a lot more texture and gives off a more playful vibe.


Rose Byrne hairstylesTina Fey hairstyles

Waves are always a glamorous look and the perfect accompaniment to gorgeous evening gowns. Rose Byrne (left) and Tina Fey (right) channeled some lovely retro waves for their award hairstyles, and each finish helped to highlight the great shades of their respective brunette locks.

Short Hair

Anne Hathaway hairstylesMorena Baccarin hairstyles

Short hair was also given the glamorous touch on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway (left) and Morena Baccarin (right) slicked both of their short hairdos back with plenty of height to create a finish worthy of such a special event.