Adele hairstylesAlicia Keys hairstyles

For music's night of nights, polished red carpet hairdos are always a good choice. Sweeping the event and winning all 6 of her nominated awards, including Album of the Year, Adele's (above left) look was retro perfection with her golden blonde waves and red lipstick. Alicia Keys (above right) also showed others how it's done with her neat updo, complete with glossy rolled bangs to keep her upstyle from looking boring when seen from the front.


Jane Seymour hairstylesCorinne Bailey Rae hairstyles

While we understand that outside elements can get in the way of a hairdo and make curls fall flat or allow frizz to take over, if you've got hairstylists at your beck and call and are attending an event that will be seen around the world, surely more hairstyling care can be taken! Jane Seymour's (above left) wavy 'do unfortunately ended up looking more like a knotted mess by the time she hit the red carpet, and Corinne Bailey Rae (above right) let her gorgeous natural curls completely overwhelm her look. She did win for Best R&B Performance though, so we're sure she still had a good night regardless of her hairstyle.

Hair Color


Katy Perry hairstylesKelly Osbourne hairstyles

There's no better way to stand out on the red carpet than with a colorful hair color. While Kelly Osbourne (above right) continued to push granny-inspired purple rinses, Katy Perry (above left) channeled her inner Smurfette with her blue locks. Both colors suited the headline-grabbing celebs, and even worked well with their dresses.


Rihanna hairstylesCyndi Lauper hairstyles

It's a sad day when purple and blue hair colors rate over blonde. But when your blonde hair color is peppered with knotted black highlights (Cyndi Lauper, above right), grown out roots and yellow tints (Rihanna, above left), the crazy shades are clear winners in the hair color stakes.