Simplify Your Routine

Model with flawless skinOn an overwhelming day, who hasn’t looked at the multitude of bottles lining the bathroom cabinet and decided to skip a cleansing routine. When you’re running late or tired, the first thing to fall is anything that is going to take more time than you have the energy for.

The truth is that great skin can still be yours with even the most basic routine. It’s all about consistency and performing that routine day after day. Keep in mind that it really only takes two minutes to cleanse your skin. Add another few minutes to smooth on some moisturizer and suddenly looking after your skin doesn't really seem like such a mammoth effort.

Beauty tip: pull back the products in your routine by getting rid of anything expired or anything you haven’t used in at least a month. A cleanser and a moisturizer is essential. Everything else is optional.

Work With What Works Best for You

Products that cater to your skin type will go a long way to giving you the right kind of glow. If your skin is oily or dry, purchase products that will cater to those conditions. Our skin type consultation can help you determine what your skin type is if you’re unsure. Or a trip to your local department store beauty counter can get you some in-person expert advice.

Make Friends with Multi-Tasking Products

One product that does the job of two is a fantastic time and money saver. Cleansers that also tone or exfoliate, moisturizers that contain sun protection, or a tinted moisturizer that will finish off your cleansing routine and give you a head start on your makeup routine are great options that offer lots of benefits.

Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out

We all know that fresh, unprocessed foods and plenty of water are great for our bodies. They’re also great for your skin. Anything you eat will go into producing the new skin cells that your body replaces regularly, so food that will give you the best nutrients will also help to deliver flawless skin.