Curly hair is always in style, but there are ways to change it up to move with the trends, just like your straight-haired sisters. Here are some of the best heads of curly celebrity hair, as seen on the red carpet. Give these a try and see which one suits you best!

Lydia Hearst hairstylesLydia Hearst goes for a sleeker take on curls with this retro Seventies-inspired 'do. Blow-drying your natural curls straight, and then creating ringlets with hair rollers or a round hair brush will create this look. Part it in the centre for full Studio 54 style.


Kimberly Schlapman hairstylesKimberly Schlapman let her blonde curls go wild at this event! If you have naturally curly hair, get a layered cut to add volume at the crown and around the face like Kim.


Kelly Osbourne hairstylesKelly Osbourne goes for a flipped style that is a great fix for unruly curly hair. Simply part the hair on the side and flip the front section over. Sweep the rest of the hair around the back of the head towards the nape of the neck and pin it into place. If you have very curly hair at the roots, skip the first step and just sweep it to the side of the neck at the nape and secure. This style lets you enjoy your curls while keeping it off your face!