There is no better way to make a style transformation than to go for The Big Chop. Ultra short hair signifies that a woman is confident, carefree and courageous. Having very short hair is not for everyone though - you must really prefer to wear one hairstyle every day and be comfortable having all of the attention on your face. After all, with a super short 'do there's no hiding behind your hair when you are having an “off” day! That being said, if you are ready for a sassy new cut, have a look at these ultra short hairstyles for inspiration.

Sixties Pixie

A pixie cut that is layered around the face and parted on one side has a gorgeous Sixties feel to it that can add a chic, stylish finish to your look. This type of ultra short hairdo is ideal for ladies with delicate facial features and a very feminine sense of fashion.

Michelle Williams Short Straight Hairstyle

Michelle Williams is one of the few celebrities that can really pull off a pixie cut for all occasions. She has said in a past interview that she wears her cropped 'do as an ode to her ex, Heath Ledger, who loved her pixie haircut. This short, layered style brings out Michelle's delicate facial features and gets extra points for the sweet sentimental value added to it. Ladies who like a chic Sixties vibe to their look will adore having this hairstyle, which is easy to style and maintain.

Jennifer Hudson Straight Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Jennifer Hudson pulls off the Sixties Pixie with ease, thanks to her gorgeous bone structure and model-like facial features. Her thick hair texture works well with this cut and sites nicely in place.

Jourdan Dunn Straight Pixie Hair Cut with Layered Bangs

Jourdan Dunn perfects the Sixties Pixie look here with her texturized caramel locks. Her deep side part allows her layered bangs to sweep softly across her forehead, framing her eyes nicely and showing off her high cheekbones.

Jagged Cut

Ladies with long or rectangular faces in particular look best in jagged cut short hairstyles that have tons of texture throughout. This hairstyle adds volume and body to fine hair and balances out vertical face shapes nicely.

Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Our model here looks fabulous in her ultra short 'do that is full of texture at the crown and sides. This cut suits women who like a bit of edge to their look, with minimal styling time.

Short Straight Hairstyle with shaved sides

For an edgy look, try an asymmetrical cut that has shaved sides, as seen on our model here. This hairstyle had longer layers on top for a textured finish while the sides remain short and sleek.

Gemma Arterton Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Gemma Aterton's fine hair looks lovely when jagged cut and worn styled down for a soft finish. This layered hairstyle is ideal for ladies with long face shapes and fine hair.


Women who like ultra short hair are usually confident ladies who like to make a statement with their look. Going for a spiky short do' will not only turn heads but add some extra edge to your look if you want to go this route. Pairing it up with a bold color like platinum blonde, jet black or cherry red will add even more style and flair to an ultra short 'do, so give some consideration to your hair color as well when you are going super short.

Short Straight Rock Chick Hairstyle

Our model goes for the rock chick look here with super short platinum blonde locks. The sides are shaved close to the head while the top is left just long enough to slick back.

Spiky Pixie Hair Cut with Razor Cut Bangs

Here is another version of the spiky short 'do, with jagged cut bangs and choppy layers that fan out at the crown. The long bangs make this hairstyle ideal for ladies with high foreheads that need some coverage.

Halsey Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Halsey goes for another kind of spiked 'do here with just the front spiked up, with the rest of her hair cut super short and styled down. This haircut works well for wavy and curly hair which will benefit from all of the layering and texturing in this 'do.


The ultimate wash-and-go style is the cropped pixie. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who want to keep the spotlight on their face, and who perhaps want to play around with bold colors. Try this cut if you are ready for the ultimate, ultra short hairstyle.

Serinda Swan platinum silver cropped Pixie Hair Cut

Serinda Swan looks stunning in a platinum silver cropped pixie cut

that is just long enough to slick down for a sleek finish. Her white blonde color finishes off this look nicely with a futuristic feel.

Katy Perry Straight Pixie Hair Cut with Razor Cut Bangs

Katy Perry famously cut her long raven locks off in favor of this cropped blond hairstyle for a complete style makeover. This haircut gives an instant edge to her look and exudes her confident and outgoing nature. Wispy bangs have been cut to frame her eyes and soften up the front of this look.

Denise Gough Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Denise Gough wears a cropped, short hairstyle here that gives her an artsy, stylish vibe. Her wavy hair sits well with this haircut, adding volume at the crown and sides which compliments her oblong face shape nicely. This is a good option for ladies who have some texture in their hair that want a no-fuss yet chic hairstyle.

Nelly Furtado Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Nelly Furtado sculpts her black locks into this chic cropped 'do that is swept to the side for a soft finish. This no nonsense hairstyle is ideal for women who want a polished, professional look.


Ladies with curls look fabulous in ultra short hairstyles because their curls add volume and texture all over. This is a great way to tame curly hair into an easy-to-manage hairstyle.

Fantasia Barrino Wavy Pixie Hair Cut

This cropped curly hairstyle looks fabulous on Fantasia

. The closely cropped sides and voluminous curls on top flatters her face shape and brings all of the attention to her expressive facial features.

Halsey Wavy Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Halsey lets her curls do their thing in this jagged cut pixie 'do

that works well with her natural hair texture. By twisting the ends out with wax, Halsey shows off her curls while adding shape and texture to her hairstyle.

Carolyn Hennesy Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Carolyn Hennesy flaunts her curly hair here in a short layered pixie hairstyle that shows off her best features. The jagged layers throughout and side-swept fringe frames her face nicely and gives her a youthful, modern look while working with her hair's natural texture.

Tyra Banks Short Hairstyle

Tyra Banks goes for a Twenties-inspired look here with her short curls styled into flat loops. This is a gorgeous formal hairstyle that ldies with short curly hair may want to consider for their next big night out!

There are hundreds more short hairstyles that you can try on at! You may also want to watch these videos for even more ultra short hairstyle ideas: