If you're captivated by the era of disco, dancing and the fascinating fashion from "The Me Decade", you're in luck. While the Seventies are long gone time-wise, the hairstyles and fashion thankfully live on. From Farrah Fawcett-inspired feathered 'dos to heavy, eye-skimming fringes made famous by iconic songstresses like Joni Mitchell and Chrissie Hynde, the looks from this decade have become timeless.

Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Mischa Barton, Lady Gaga and Mary J Blige have all rocked some seriously Seventies-inspired hairstyles with fabulous results. Don't worry about looking like you're going to a costume party if you try out one of these 'dos--the Seventies style can be updated with a modern twist to make sure you look fashion-forward and fabulous. And, there is a style to suit all hair lengths and types. Read on to find your best sexy Seventies hairstyle!


Seventies Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair, the key look is lots of layers and flipped out ends. This is the look that Farah Fawcett made so popular during her heyday with her long, layered locks that were blow-dried to perfection. Here, we can see how fabulous this 'do works on short hair as well.

Kelly Rowland Short Seventies Hairstyle

Kelly Rowland is looking fabulous in a flipped out bob and long fringe. She has given her bob some extra glitz and glamour by curling her ends outward away from the face with hot rollers, then fanning them out for a voluminous finish. Her long side-swept bangs are also curled away from the face, perfecting the look. This hairstyle will suit diamond, oblong, round and oval face shapes,  and brings special attention to the eyes with the peek-a-boo fringe. This hairstyle has a lot of volume and width at the ends, so if you have a square face shape or angular jaw line, this hairstyle may not be ideal for you.

Get this look: Cut your hair into a bob that falls just above the shoulder, with a few layers throughout. The fringe should be angled to one side and end just past the cheekbone. Use hot rollers to curl the hair away from the face, or if you prefer, use a round brush that has a one-inch barrel to add curl as you are blow-drying your hair.


Mary J. Blige Short Seventies Hairstyle
Rocking a similar look, here is Mary J. Blige in a short 'do with a Seventies twist. Mary J. has a short, tapered haircut that is longer on one side of her part. This haircut suits women with oval, oblong, square and triangular face shapes best and will take regular trims to maintain the shape. The fringe of this hairstyle is cut on a diagonal to skim past the eye on one side and give a peek-a-boo effect.

Get this look: To style this in true Seventies fashion, use a small round brush (one inch barrel or smaller) to first blow-dry the roots up to add hair volume, then dry the lengths and ends sleek, flipping the ends up to finish. Make sure to concentrate cool air on the ends while you are curling them to help them set in place. Use hairspray to finish.


Solange Knowles Short Seventies Hairstyle
Ladies with short afro hair can flaunt this glam look as seen on Solange Knowles. This hairstyle was popular in the Seventies and still is to this day, thanks to its chic shape and stylish finish.

Get this look
: Ladies with short afro hair should visit their stylist to shape their hair into a rounded silhouette. No styling in required for this 'do- bonus! Ladies with this tight curls like Solange can simply wash and go.


Seventies Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Mandy Moore Medium Length Seventies Hairstyle
Mandy Moore adds Seventies flair to her bob by flipping the ends of her layered bob out and going for a center part. The long layers that start around her cheekbones and feather out really gives her 'do a Seventies vibe while flattering her face shape. This flicked out bob is best for oval, oblong, heart, diamond, and triangular face shapes.

Get this look: Add feathered layers around the face from the cheekbones down, and center part your locks. Use a round brush to flick the ends out while blow drying, then tease slightly and hold in place with hairspray.

Halle Berry Medium Length Seventies Hairstyle
Halle Berry flaunts a longer version of the 'do seen on Solange Knowles above, with fabulous results. Ladies with medium-tight to loose curls can pull of this disco diva look with ease, especially those with round, oval, oblong, heart, diamond, or triangular face shapes.

Get this look: Ladies with medium afro or curly hair should visit their stylist to shape their hair into a rounded layered silhouette. No styling in required for this 'do-  simply wash, and finishing products and go.

Suki Waterhouse Medium Length Seventies Hairstyle
Suki Waterhouse goes edgy here with a rock chick look. Her heavy, blunt fringe and choppy layers are reminiscent of Debbie Harry's 'do in the Seventies. This cut is ideal for ladies with an oval, oblong, heart, or diamond face shape.

Get this look
: Ask your stylist for a heavy, blunt fringe that skims your eyes and is cut past the temples, with choppy layers throughout the rest of the hair. Scrunch dry your locks using mousse or spray gel, and finish with wax to piece out your layers.


Seventies Hairstyles for Long Hair

Heidi Klum Long Seventies Hairstyle
Heidi Klum looks gorgeous here in a Seventies- inspired hairstyle for long hair. She channels Joni Mitchell here with the long, eye-skimming angled fringe that was her signature look back in the day. Heidi modernizes this look by adding a sleek, straight finish to her locks (unlike Joni's more bohemian, air-dried vibe) and precision cut layers around the face. This haircut is ideal for square, oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

Get this look
: Get an arched, eye-skimming fringe cut with lots of layers around the face and around the lengths and ends. Blow dry straight with a round or paddle brush, then finish with a flat iron.


Lady Gaga Long Seventies Hairstyle

Lady Gaga goes for a Chrissie Hynde influence here with her shag cut long hair. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with an oval, triangular, oblong or round face shape and a bit of wave to their hair.

Get this look
: Ask your stylist to cut an arched, eye-skimming fringe and heavy layers throughout the rest of the hair. Scrunch blow-dry the hair with mousse for extra texture and volume and use wax to piece out the ends for an edgy finish.

Gigi Hadid Long Seventies Hairstyle
Gigi Hadid was born decades later, but still looks great in a Seventies hairstyle! Her long tresses have been blunt cut into layers and a heavy eye-skimming fringe giving her that bohemian vibe. This hairstyle is suited for women with straight or wavy hair and an oval, oblong, heart, or diamond  face shape.

Get this look: Ask your stylist to cut an arched, eye-skimming fringe and heavy layers throughout the rest of the hair. Blow dry the hair with a large round brush to create voluminous, sleek locks and add a subtle curve to the bangs. Finish by tousling the roots with wax or pomade.



Beth Behrs Long Wavy Hairstyle with Blunt Cut Bangs - Light Honey Blonde Hair Color

Beth Behrs has the right look going on here with an eye-skimming fringe and loose shoulder length waves. The look on the catwalk was more tousled however, so Beth could use a comb or her fingers to breakup those perfect waves a little more to achieve this.


Naomi Watts Long Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

Naomi Watts does a more demure version of this trend by adding a side hair part and eye-skimming fringe. She has kept her makeup natural-looking to match her low-key hairdo.


Joelle Carter Long Curly Half Up Hairstyle - Medium Golden Blonde Hair Color with Light Blonde Highlights

Joelle Carter adds a couple of braids to make her hairstyle even more seventies-inspired. Cherry red lipstick takes this look from day to night.


As you can see, Seventies hairstyles are anything but dated--they're sexy, flattering and fun for all hair types!