Model with crimped updo Ladies who like all things Eighties will want to try this hairstyle out ASAP! But even those who don't go for retro looks will also enjoy this hairstyle because it's not "in your face" Eighties. In fact, it's quite a modern way to add some texture to your hair. Here's how to get this updo:
• Use a crimping iron that has very small ridges to get very tiny crimps in your hair. Once your whole head is done, backcomb your roots on the top half of the head, approximately from the ear up.
• Create a deep side part and sweep the front of your hair (and Model with crimped updoyour bangs if you have any) to the side. You can pin them on the side if they need help staying in place.
• Shape the rest of the hair by sweeping it back over the bouffant area on the top of the head and down towards the back, behind one of your ears at the nape of the neck.
• Here you can be creative—wrap it into a smooth bun, leave it in a ponytail or shape it into a spiky chignon like our model has done.