Not only are the colors out of this world, but the technique is oh-so-modern. This hair color style will suit those with cool skin tones that can lighten their hair up to a white blonde. Otherwise, this is what you'll end up with: yellow blonde + blue highlights = you guessed it—green hair! So do not attempt this unless you have true white blonde hair (either natural or color processed).

Purple and blue highlighted blonde bobAsk your colorist for a muted or navy blue color to be applied to the root area of your bangs as well as on the tips, leaving the mid-lengths blonde. Your colorist can also apply random highlights to the under layers of your hair on the side, like our model is wearing here. Then, get them to apply two soft purple panels in your bangs, one in the middle and one on the side. The random placement is key here. They can also pull a few thin purple highlights next to the blue on the side for an electrifying look.

And of course, having a cool haircut to compliment this color technique is a must!