If you have a square face, you may find it hard to find short hairstyles that help, rather than hinder, your face shape. There are many articles on what hairstyles you should wear, but which ones should you flat out avoid? Save time and stress the next time you need a new haircut and check out this style gallery of hair don'ts for square faces.

Martha Plimpton hairstylesMartha Plimpton has a square face shape and unfortunately is not doing it any favors with this style. The two pitfalls of this hairstyle are the bangs that are cut straight across the forehead and the jaw length blunt bob. Both of these features only emphasize a boxy look. Instead, bangs should be swept to the side, "wispy" or curved downwards near the temples to create an arc shape.


Lena Dunham hairstylesLena Dunham can work this wispy pixie cut with her diamond face shape, but for squares this is no-go. Haircuts that taper to the ears and have the volume in the crown will bring out a wide jaw line and forehead.


Britney Spears hairstylesLong, layered styles work well for squares but boxing the face in with a heavy fringe like Britney Spears has done here just won't work. Instead, try a jagged side-swept fringe for best results.