If you have a cocktail party, evening soiree or any other elegant event to go to, a little black dress is the perfect outfit to wear. A black dress is not only slimming, but it also provides a sophisticated canvas for you to show off your best hair, jewellery and makeup. Here we have some new hairstyles and makeup ideas that would look fabulous with your little black dress (or LBD). Try your favorite look on your next night out!

Lindsay Arnold hairstyles

Lindsay Arnold is flaunting a super long hairstyle that would look fabulous with a strapless LBD. This hairstyle will suit medium to long hair that is normal to thick in density. To style, simply wash your hair and blow dry, adding volume at the roots. Then use large rollers to create long cascading waves throughout, finishing it off with a shine spray. Lindsay's makeup is just right for an LBD, with black eyeliner, fake lashes and nude lipstick. Overall this look is glamorous but subtle, and is perfect for women who like classically beautiful looks.

Peyton List hairstyles

If you prefer to wear your long hair up, Peyton List's elegant updo is a good option to explore. This hairstyle can be created by first using rollers and then backcombing the roots at the crown to add some volume, before twisting and pinning it into place at the nape of the neck. Some tendrils have been left out for a face framing effect and cute finish. Peyton has also chosen a soft makeup look here with a pastel blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and nude lips.

Kate Upton hairstyles

Here's another updo idea, courtesy of Kate Upton. This hairstyle will work on medium to long hair of all densities. Start by backcombing the front section to create a flipped over wave effect and pin it to the side of the head. Sweep the rest of the hair back and roll it into a flat bun, pinning it as you go along. Kate's makeup is equally elegant with dark smoky eyes and rosy pink lips and cheeks.

Mary J. Blige hairstyles

For something short and funky to wear with your LBD, check out Mary J. Blige's wavy layered 'do that is perfect for a night out of partying. This asymmetrical hairstyle is shorter on one side with cascading waves on the other. To get this look, you will need a short hairstyle that is tapered on the sides and back, then create large bouncy waves with a curling iron or wand. Mary J. is wearing the perfect party makeup here as well, with dark smoky eyes and a soft nude pink lip.

Victoria Summer hairstyles

If you're wearing a retro or vintage LBD on your night out, check out Victoria Summer's sleek short 'do that has a hint of Audrey Hepburn to it. This is a great option for women with short hair who want a sleek, mod look to match their dress. This hairstyle can easily be achieved by blow-drying it into place using a round brush. To complete her vintage look, Victoria has gone for simple black liquid eyeliner, fake lashes and a bright pink lipstick.

Wearing an LBD is perfect for an evening out because it lets your hair, makeup and jewellery do all of the talking. Which of these looks is right for you?