If you were born between August 23 and September 22, you are born under the sign of practical perfectionist Virgo! Virgo women are famous for being perfectionists, especially when it comes to their appearance. They are known for their immense attention to detail, great posture, and on the downside—they are known as the most critical sign of the zodiac. Their hair, clothes and makeup are always immaculate; Virgos love looking polished and preened no matter what their personal style is. They tend to have youthful, petite facial features and very well-formed lips. Although Virgos often get a bad rap for looking ‘cold’ or ‘clinical’, this just isn’t true. Some of the most beautiful and sensuous women like Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Greta Garbo were born under the sign of Virgo.

To spot a Virgo woman, look for a slim build and an oval shaped face that may have a larger than normal forehead. Her eyes will be small but exceptionally clear and will sparkle with intelligence. Virgin women usually have delicate noses and well-shaped lips topped off with delicate ears and a petite chin. These women always look flawless from head toe because they are obsessed with cleanliness and are perfectionists—you won’t catch these ladies running to the supermarket in sweats or sporting a bad hair day!

Speaking of their hair, Virgos will always visit their stylist for regular trims and because of their love of high quality things, will invest in good hair products to keep their hair shiny and healthy looking. Typically these ‘women of the harvest’ will have golden tones to their hair and it tends to be on the thicker side.

If you are a Virgo then you’ll want to see what your fellow Virgin sisters are sporting this year. Check out these hairstyles for Virgo women below!


Beyonce Long Straight Hairstyle

Kicking off the list is one of the most famous Virgin women around- Beyonce! Bey literally looks perfect all the time, which is right down to her inner Virgo tendencies. She has the classic Virgo look as well- small but sparking eyes and delicate facial features, not to mention that fabulous mane of hair. Bey is a bit of a style chameleon but every look she pulls off, she does to perfection. Here, she is wearing a style that will make most Virgo women look great. It’s a simple long and layered ‘do that frames the Virgo face nicely and shows off that shiny hair. Bey’s rich golden colour is also perfect for Virgins.


Blake Lively Long Straight Hairstyle

Blake Lively is looking every inch the Virgo here with long tousled locks in a stunning wheaty gold shade. Her thick hair is typical of this sign which she keeps in check with long layers throughout. Virgo women are sensible creatures, and they can’t really go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s versatile, feminine, and it won’t cost a ton of money for upkeep in the salon—just how a Virgo woman likes it! The colour is also perfect for Virgin women as summery gold tones and wheat shades compliment their earthy complexions and golden.


Lea Michele Updo Braided Hairstyle

If you are looking for an up-do, check out Virgo lady Lea Michele’s hairstyle here. This is perfect for the ladies of the harvest out there as they suit braids very well, just like their earth sign sisters Taurus and Capricorn. Lea’s hair has been French braided around the head for a spectacular look, while it shows off her gorgeous Virgo face.


Christian Serratos Updo Hairstyle

Another up-do option for women is Virgo Christian Serratos’ slicked back ponytail as seen here. Virgo women love prim and proper looks, plus they love styles that are tightly pulled back and/or have an almost severe look to them. Christian’s ponytail has a bouffant effect at the top and a fun and flirty ponytail at the back. Virgo women will love the clean look at the font and the girlie-ness at the back.


Cameron Diaz Long Wavy hairstyle

Cameron Diaz goes for the California surfer girl look with her long layered hairstyle. This is a no-fuss, easy hairstyle for Virgo women who have a bit of wave in their hair and like to go for the ‘beachy hair’ look.

Claudia Schiffer Long Straight hairstyle

Claudia Schiffer shows off a medium length bob hairstyle with a blunt fringe. Virgos often have high cheekbones like Cameron and Claudia, and look fabulous with heavy eye-skimming fringes like Schiffer’s.

Pink Short Straight hairstyle

Pink's an unconventional Virgo, and likes to rock short, punky hairdos. Her pixie haircut is super chic and looks great with her petite features. 

As you can see, Virgo women know how to look perfect on any occasion, it’s just in their lovable perfectionist nature. Why not try on these hairstyles and see if they suit you!