On paper the home haircut seems like a great idea. Why pay when you can just do it yourself—especially when some hair salons are advertising a $30,000 haircut (sure, that's a one-off example, but haircuts and hairstyles in salons are getting more and more expensive)? Maybe you're thinking that it's just a matter of technique, that if you have the right tools you can make it work.

Flowbee haircuts

Well it is that easy and it's not too. Getting a home haircut is easy if you want something that a machine can pretty much do for you—like a buzz cut. But it's not easy at all if you want a haircut that will leave you with something that even vaguely resembles a hair style. Sure, you can plonk a vacuum-cleaner like contraption on your noggin and get yourself a ready-made hairdo but you might also want to start wearing those drab grey military tunics and move to North Korea.

You can save money by giving yourself a home haircut, but you don't have too. There are ways to save money and get a professional haircut that's fashionable and flattering and tailored to your individual requirements. How? Stay away from trendy suburbs and avoid flashy looking hair salons that serve lattes. Also, inquire about training nights at your local salon or educational institution and have your hair cut by a supervised student. Another thing you can do is check the online classifieds and see if there are any freelance hairstylists. They often charge less since they're not outlaying cash themselves to pay hair salon overheads.

So you don't need a home haircut and here are 5 reasons why:

  • You will feel weird putting a contraption that looks like a vacuum cleaner on your head.
  • A hairstyle cut by a machine will either look generic and dull or generic and military. You don't want that, do you.
  • If you ask your wife/husband to cut your hair you will end up fighting about it. You want to enjoy your Sunday evenings, don't you.
  • Cleaning up all the little bits of hair everywhere always takes longer than you think and you always find little bits of hair all over the place for weeks later.
  • You can go to a training institution to get a reasonably priced haircut that makes you feel fashionable, trendy, sophisticated and like a million dollars. It's worth it.

If you have any home haircut disaster (or success) stories then add them to the comments below.