The Geek Chic look has been around for a while but it's still going strong. Men and women everywhere are embracing their love of eyewear and flaunting frames that scream, "Look at me! I'm intelligent…and very stylish too!" But just what are the best hairstyles to back up this look? These Hollywood celebs look amazing in their black-framed glasses, and their hair makes it even better.

Elizabeth Meriwether hairstylesElizabeth Meriwether wears her blonde locks loose and wavy. A slight-off centre hair part makes this style ultra casual, and keeps the focus on her fabulous frames.


Annette Bening hairstylesAnnette Bening looks oh-so-cool in her black frames and a voluminous short 'do. This hairstyle and glasses combo is a double whammy, bringing all of the focus to the eye and cheekbone area.


Alyssa Campanella hairstylesAlyssa Campanella looks ravishing in red hair and black frames. Her long layered hair has all of the action happening in the curled ends, leaving the limelight focused up top on Alyssa's eyewear.