However here, she is working a fun braided hairstyle that is cute, trendy and youthful. This hairstyle looks great with her simple makeup and champagne blonde hair but will work on any color from black to blonde. If you need a new idea for an easy-to-do hairstyle, try this one the next time you are rocking an edgy outfit.

Kendra Wilkinson hairstylesFirst thing’s first, you will need long hair for this braided style. Next, you will ideally not have a fringe. You can still braid your bangs into this hairstyle, but you may get bits that poke out, which defies the purpose of trying out a fast and easy hairstyle! You’ll get the best results with cheekbone-length or longer bangs.

Start by blow-drying your hair straight so that it is silky smooth. Or, if you have natural waves, let them do their thing. Create a deep side hair part at the front of the head and section the hair diagonally towards the back. Then, start braiding your hair loosely towards the back. You can stop at the back of the crown, or continue all the way to the nape of the neck depending on your preference. Finally, pin it into place and sweep all of the hair to the side, draping it over the shoulder.

This is an easy hairstyle, as long as your French-braiding skills are up to scratch!

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