Joyful Drake hairstyles Although long curly hair looks gorgeous as is, sometimes you want to wear it up to look more formal… or because it’s driving you nuts! For the latter, you have your choice of a ponytail, bun or braid to get it off your face, but for the former, what’s a girl to do? Some updo styles can be difficult to achieve with long hair, especially if it is thick and curly like Joyful Drake’s.

Here, she has come up with the perfect solution for a red carpet look—her hair looks elegant due to the tumbling curls, while the half-up style scores fashion points. If you want to copy this style, simply follow these easy steps.

1. Make sure your curls are in perfect condition before you start. Condition, protect and gloss those curls up!

2. Create volume at the roots (if you don’t have any naturally) by teasing it. Starting at the outer left corner of your hairline, create a hair part and sweep the hair over. Joyful has sculpted a nice wave detail that you can try out on your hair.

3. Once the loose hair is swept into place, take the remaining hair on the other side of the part and pull it around to the back firmly, then pin into place. If you want to get creative, you can add a roll, twist or braid at the back before you pin it. Use your imagination and styling skills to create you very own unique look!

See Joyful Drake hair looks here and try the hairstyles on with your own photo using our Virtual Hairstyler.