If you’re a certified rock chick and love your tattoos, leather and piercings, Kat Von D is definitely one to watch for style inspiration. The tattoo artist turned reality TV star loves to turn heads with her gothic meets biker chick style, and you too can get this look. Here’s how:

The Hair
Kat Von D hairstylesKat loves her long hair but natural, it’s not. She uses hair extension to add length and volume and the color is (obviously) modified from her natural black-brown hue. To get this hair color, ask your hairstylist to use a deep red high-lift color (for brunette and raven-haired ladies). If you are naturally blonde and want to get this deep red color, be prepared to be in the chair for a while! This rich shade will take a while to achieve on light hair.

The Makeup
Kat maintains her fair skin well and doesn’t cover it up with tanning cream or bronzer in any way. She focuses on her eyes, which are usually done dark and smokey. She also chooses pink and red shades to match her berry–toned hair. Kat has cool skin and hair tones so black, charcoal grey and pink makeup works the best for her.

The Body Art
This one is completely up to you. Add tattoos and piercings to complete the look at your own discretion!

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