An Australian website the other day was talking about celebrity "tools." A "tool," apparently, is Aussie slang for an annoying person; or more specifically, an annoying person who doesn't quite realize how annoying they are- in fact, they consider themselves pretty cool.

Here's a list of the celebrities the website was nominating as tools, see what you think. But also, since we get most excited about hair at we thought we'd evaluate the celebrities' tooliness in relation to their hairstyles.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie hairstylesThey say: Angelina's a tool because: she's too perfect, too smug and has a superiority complex. Oh, and she was romantically involved with Billy Bob.

We say: Ok, maybe she thinks she's the bomb, but we just love her hair and sophisticated style. Check out her outfit at the Oscars '09.


Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa hairstylesThey say: She's trying too hard to be cool and is always in our faces.

We say: We like her platinum blonde hair and think it's very "now," but lose the undies (not literally) and stop the Andy Warhol thing: it's lame.


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens hairstylesThey say: She's clings to Zac Efron's side and surfs his coattails.

We say: Forget Vanessa, Zac's gotta be one of the biggest tools ever... what with that annoying girly mop of his and clean-cut look. Toughen up Zac.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss hairstylesThey say: She's a train-wreck that's perpetually going off the deep-end.

We say: You can do no wrong Katie and you always look fab. Did you see her hair in the Top Shop ads? Gold.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay hairstylesThey say: Mouthy, obnoxious and a bit two-faced.

We say: Do something with that terrible thinning hair, put an end to the highlights and start wearing more than just those tight sweaters (your rig isn't as great as you think and you're not 21 either).


Who would you pick as the biggest tool out of them all? Is Lady GaGa as cool as she thinks?