Amy Adams certainly knows how to work her wonderful mane of red hair. Glossy and full of life, Amy's locks always look fabulous.

Amy Adams hairstylesHere, Amy looks ravishing in red. The deep copper shade gives her skin a porcelain-like tone, and her bright blue eyes are highlighted nicely. Amy is rocking cool pinks for her makeup palette, which is the perfect choice for this hair color and complexion.

Amy Adams hairstylesOver the years, she has gone through a mini style transformation, gradually lightening her hair to arrive at her current shade of strawberry blonde. Like Nicole Kidman, her natural vibrant copper hair has been modified with highlights and more ash tones to create a less ginger base color. Some redheads can look too washed out when they lighten up or go blonder but Amy doesn't have that problem. Both shades suit her, but slightly change her look.


Amy's classic beauty and fair complexion can pull off both shades easily. Which color do you think suits Amy Adams more-cool copper red or soft strawberry blonde?

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