Braids and half updos are all the rage this season, and Amanda Bynes is right on top of the trends with the hairstyle shown here.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it can be transformed from day to night, or casual to formal, with a change of clothes and makeup. But for now, let's concentrate on how to get this gorgeous hairstyle. This style will work best on medium to long hair.

Amanda Bynes hairstyles1. Start by blow-drying your hair and adding waves. If you have natural waves, add some produc to enhance what you've got, then you are ready to move onto the next step. For ladies with straight hair, you will need to spend some time adding waves with either hair rollers, a curling iron or a curling wand.

2. Next, create a perfect hair part in the centre of your head and clip the sections on either side to keep the part in place.

3. Starting on one side, grab a loose section of hair at the front and start braiding towards the back of the head and downwards until you reach the centre of the back of your head. Clip or pin it to secure it.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Finally, you can either twist or braid the two sections together, or simply pin it into place, depending on what you prefer.

Remember to leave some loose tendrils to frame the face and add some dangly earrings like Amanda for a super-pretty look!

To see how you'd look with the great hairstyle pictured in this blog, click on the above image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!