This type of eye shape is common in Asian cultures but can be seen on women of all ethnicities. Of all the eye shapes, ladies with hooded eyes seem to have the hardest time with makeup application, but with the right technique having great eye makeup is a breeze.

This particular blog is for ladies with hooded eyes only! If you are unsure if this applies to you, take a look in the mirror.

Blake Lively hairstyles

Shape: Hooded eyes are usually almond or oval shaped with a 'hidden' top lid.

Lisa Ling hairstyles

Makeup Goal: To contour the eye and add more dimension.

Technique: Start with a shimmery, light-reflecting eye shadow in a light neutral color (like white, pearl or beige), applied to your entire lid and blend it up towards the brow bone (see Blake Lively). On the hooded area, use a shade just slightly darker than your base shade-try apricot, gold, peach (see Lisa Ling) or silver, depending on your skin tone. Then, take a dark contour shade (brown, black or charcoal) and apply it to the outer corner, sweeping up towards the outer edge of the eyebrow. Blend well. Use a precision felt-tipped liquid eyeliner to create a line that is very fine on the inner corners of the lash lines (both top and bottom) that gradually gets thicker at the middle and outer edge. Finish it off with mascara to bring out your lashes.

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