This is especially true if you are trying to copy one of your favorite celeb's makeup. Knowing how to apply makeup to your specific eye shape will allow you to tailor any celebrity makeup look to your face with fantastic results.

Rihanna hairstyles

This particular blog is for ladies with almond-shaped eyes only! If you are unsure if this applies to you, take a look in the mirror.

Shape: Almond eyes are usually large and tip upwards at the outer corner. They are not usually deep set and have a fine to medium crease.

Makeup Goal: To create more depth and height in the middle eye area.

Technique: Just as circular eyes need elongation, almond eyes benefit from makeup that creates more vertical height around the eye. Almond-shaped eyes look phenomenal in smoked-out eye shadow, especially when the bottom lash line is heavily emphasized with smudged liner and shadow (see Rihanna). Start with a neutral base shade on the eyelid and layer up darker tones on the lid next to the lash line. Almond shaped eyes look fabulous with eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines, so feel free to be dramatic! For an added boost to open your eyes up, try adding some fake mega-lashes like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian hairstyles

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