Ellie Goulding's trademark look involves long platinum blonde hair and icy cool makeup to match. If you want to get Ellie's makeup, follow these steps:

Ellie Goulding hairstyles1. Ellie takes great care of her skin and starts off with a flawless base that lets her natural glow shine through. Leave your skin bare and just use concealer where necessary, or if you prefer to wear foundation, use a mineral formula.
2. Ellie leaves her eyebrows natural, so other than plucking the odd stray hair to keep your brows polished, leave them as is!
3. On the eyes, use a warm gold eye shadow in a cream formula to get that nice sheen that Ellie has. Follow it up with a dark brown eyeliner on the top lash line and natural looking mascara.
4. On the cheeks choose a soft pink blush that is a cream formula or has a highlighting effect to it.
5. Finally, gets those icy cool lips by wearing a pearlescent light pink lipstick.

This look will suit ladies with light blonde, red or brown hair and a fair skin tone, like Ellie.

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