It's no secret that Brad Pitt is getting old; we all are. But I noticed something about the older-looking Brad Pitt recently (when he was photographed in Cannes '09 in that pink suit). It's this: he's starting to look a bit wrong in his old age. He's turning into one of those guys like Robert Redford who looks like he's trying to cling on to his youth.

Brad Pitt hairstyles

Like I said, we're all getting old. I for one have my own anti-aging skin care routine, and I'm sure you have one too. Me, I exfoliate and moisturize with a range of products: anti-wrinkle cream, anti-puffiness cream for under my eyes, hand cream to sop my hands looking like chicken claws... that kind of stuff. I also use whitening toothpaste for my increasingly yellowed teeth, and thickening shampoo and conditioner for my thinning hair. Oh and since my hair is getting thinner and thinner, I always get hairstyles specially designed to flatter thinning hair.

But it seems some celebrities like Brad include a few extra steps in their anti-aging routine, often going a little too far- and that's why they end up looking a little wrong. Robert Redford. Michael Douglas. Those two names say it all. Some men do seem to age well, like George Clooney for example, but some don't, and some cling on to “youth” with desperation (here's my nod to Michael and Robert, and of course Brad. Yes Brad). Haven't you seen The Horse Whisperer?!

I'll call the old-celebrity-trying-to-look-young-and-just-looking-wrong look, the "Robert Redford effect." There's the taught face that looks almost certainly like it's been lifted (I'm not saying it has, it just looks that way); there's the glaring appearance of bronze spray-on tan; the abnormal looking shock of thick healthy hair, and then there's the teeth. It's the teeth that stop me in my tracks when I'm walking past a newsstand and I see an image of a celebrity with the Robert Redford effect. They're so ridiculously white and straight. So perfect. They glisten at you, and because of their perfection they make the smile look cheesy and the rest of the face plastic and fake.

Brad's well and truly got those teeth right now. Big, straight, white, fake-looking teeth. They're a key stop on the fast train to the Robert Redford effect, and next up is Vaseline on the lenses of his movies. But it's not too late to get off Brad. You can do it: say no to the Robert Redford effect!

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