Side faq

How do I add ratings and comments to makeovers in the virtual makeovers gallery?

To rate or add your comments to any of the styles seen in the virtual makeovers gallery please use these instructions:

1. Go to the Makeover menu at the top of any page and select the virtual makeovers option.

My hair your say menu link

2. Find a makeover that you like.

My hair your say makeover

3. Move your mouse over the small stars under the "Rate this Makeover" text to rate the makeover.

My hair your say voting slider

4. To comment, click on the Comment on this Makeover! button provided under the rating stars, scroll to the bottom of the page, type your comment in the comments box provided and then press the Comment button. 

My hair your say comment box


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We also recommend taking a look at our guided tour. Click here to view the step-by-step video!