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Blonde Hairstyle Color Ideas

Summer is on its way, and many women are thinking of lightening up their hair color at this time of year. This can be achieved by adding highlights throughout for a sun-kissed look, or by going all over blonde. Not all blondes are the same though, so keep in mind what works well on your favourite celebrity may not work as well on you. To know what will work nicely, check out these simple tip... Read More »


Brunette Hairstyle Ideas

Brunette is one of the most common naturally appearing hair colors in the world, but many non-brunettes also dye their hair to this rich shade too. Sometimes, brunette actually suits one better than their natural lighter hair color—just think of Zooey Deschanel as a prime example. Her hair is naturally light blonde, but her look is transformed and improved when she has dark brunette lo... Read More »


Hot Hair Colors

It’s a New Year, time to freshen up your color! Stylists from around the world have announced the hottest colors and now all you have to do is see which one will suit you best. While it is recommended that for best results you stay within 2-3 shades of your natural color, it is possible to go for a radical change and make it work. Check out these popular colors and see which one inspir... Read More »


Return of the Redheads!

Let’s face it—summer is all about blondes and the winter is all about brunettes. But what about all of the fiery, vibrant redheads out there? The truth is, red hair never goes in or out of style, and redheads always look fashionable regardless of the season. This hair color is the least naturally occurring shade in the world, which makes it all the more unique and interesting. Of course, man... Read More »


Blonde Hairstyle Ideas

While it’s true that brunette hair is usually more in fashion in the fall, blonde hair is typically more popular in the summer months when lighter locks rule, and there are many smoking hot blonde looks on the red carpet year round. Check out these blonde looks and get some style inspiration for your ‘do. Read More »


The Best Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hair is always in fashion but moreso at this time of year. It looks especially great in the autumn as it harmonizes with the fall colours and matches the rich, luxurious look of the season. On the red carpet, many brunettes have been spotted recently looking absolutely fabulous and wearing some of the best hairstyles around. If you are a brunette, then this article is for you! Check... Read More »


Blonde vs. Brunette

It’s always fun to see a celebrity make the dramatic change from brunette to blonde, or vice versa. A change of hair colour is the perfect way to completely change up their look, but there is always one shade that looks just that much better than the other. This depends on their skin tone, eye colour and their overall sense of style. Sometimes the new colour looks so good it could pass... Read More »


New Ways to Do An Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre colouring (where the hair moves from dark at the roots to light at the ends) has been a popular trend over the past few years. Not only has this hair colouring technique stood the test of time in the fickle world of fashion, but it has also made it to mainstream status so everyone from teens to mature women can be seen flaunting this look. To satisfy the demands for ombre colour, major... Read More »


Cool Hairstyle Colors for Fall

great cut can make anyone look fabulous but add a gorgeous colour to the mix and you are guaranteed to look like a million bucks! This fall, deep and luxurious brunette is the must-have hair hue but don’t let that stop you from trying out other shades like blonde, red, black or something wild like teal green. Need some colour ideas? You are in the right place. Check out these cool... Read More »


Fall 2014 Hairstyle Color Ideas: Strawberry Blonde

If you have been following our 2014 fall hairstyle trend reports, then you will know that the hottest hair colors to have this season are deep chocolate brown, and on the opposite end of the spectrum—platinum blonde. But what if you want something warm and rich for fall without the drama of ultra light or deep dark hair? The answer may be another hot hair colour for this fall that isn’t usua... Read More »


Fall 2014 Hairstyle Color Ideas: Platinum Blonde

Last year, icy white blonde was one of the hottest hair colours to have during fall and winter but his year it’s all about being platinum. While many people think that white blonde and platinum are the same colour, this is actually not true. Platinum blonde hair has more of a golden tone to it than white blonde—think Marilyn Monroe’s iconic hair colour. The good new... Read More »


Fall 2014 Hairstyle Color Ideas: Rich Brunette

Fall is here and ‘tis the time for rich autumn colors to be in vogue—think deep chocolate brown, pumpkin orange and burgundy red. In particular, brunette seems to be the color of choice in the fall. This comes as no surprise as 60% of the world’s population has this hair colour naturally, with many more natural blondes and redheads dying their hair to this hue. For ... Read More »


Hair Color Trend Report: August 2014

We all love a good haircut but if our hair color is lacklustre then it can really kill the entire look. Some hairstyles do in fact look better with a rich monochromatic color while others look better with the dimension created from highlights and other coloring techniques. So how do you know which one to use? It all depends on the final look you want to go for. How to wear ... Read More »


Bright Hair Color Inspiration

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember a time when bright hair colors were only for rebellious teenagers. Never would you see pink, purple or orange hair on the red carpet unless an extremely eccentric celebrity was making a statement! Things have changed however, and now anyone can pull off bright hair regardless of their age or fashion sense. In fact, with more and more companies like... Read More »


Red Hairstyles for Spring

If you've followed our annual trend reports, you'll know that light Nordic blonde is a great color. However, many other colors are in vogue too, including vibrant pinks and purples, and on the other end of the spectrum- black. But what about red? Fiery and fresh, red and ... Read More »

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