Give It A Chance

The cut may be too short, the color may be all wrong and the perm may be more frizz than fab but you need to give your hair time to settle in. Any changes to your hair requires a few days to settle and you also need to give yourself time to adjust to the look and really work out what you don't like about it.

Talk To friend

Once you know exactly what you don't like about your bad hairstyle and are sure that you can't adjust to keeping it, get a second opinion from a trusted friend who you know will tell you truthfully what they think of the style and if it suits you.

Confirm What Went Wrong

Be honest with yourself and confirm why you don't like the hairstyle. Make sure it's because you don't like it and not because a partner decided they don't like your new look and that the style was absolutely not what you wanted and expected.

Talk To Your Stylist

Once you've established that the hairstyle must change, talk to your stylist. Call or go back to the salon and explain politely and firmly why you are unhappy with your style. Remember to be honest about whether you communicated the right information for what you were expecting. By talking to your stylist you should be able to resolve the problem and come up with a solution as to how to fix the style. It's important to remember that your stylist would much prefer that you talk to them instead of going to another stylist and that this is not something that you should be scared or worried about doing.

If when talking to your stylist you feel that they are not listening to your concerns or that they are not willing to take any responsibility, ask to speak to the salon manager. You have paid for a service and you are entitled to receive what you have paid for, which also includes any aftercare service which should be part of any hairstyling business.

Any stylist that is truly dedicated would rather you go back into the salon to sort out any problems instead of going elsewhere. As silly as this sounds, most clients never go back to tell their stylists that they have a problem because they are scared of it being taken the wrong way or upsetting their stylist, but the truth is, it is more upsetting to a stylist to lose an unsatisfied client without having the opportunity to get the hairstyle right. So, make sure to call your stylist first and give them the chance to resolve any problems.

If you find that after talking to your stylist that you are not happy with the outcome or that you could not reach an agreement, find another stylist who you are happy with and who will give you the style that you want and deserve.

Research has shown that up to 95 percent of "bad" hairstyles are due to a lack of communication and understanding between a client and stylist.

This is usually because of poor consultation or a lack of consultation so remember these handy tips for when you're next with your stylist:

  • Ask for a consultation
  • Ask for advice
  • Take pictures
  • Don't be talked or pressured into accepting a cut, color or style that you don't like.