Taylor Swift rarely gets it wrong both on and off stage, and her latest look is no exception. Full of grace and sophistication, Taylor is a breath of fresh air when compared to most of the young starlets of today. She always looks classy and fresh, not to mention bang on trend with her hair and makeup looks. Taylor has gone on record saying, "I've never dyed my hair (and) I'm sure I never will", which explains why her hair colour always looks so gorgeous. While she may play it safe with her hair colour, when it comes to her hairstyles and makeup, Taylor is always game for changing it up a bit. At the American Music Awards, where she debuted this casual cool hairstyle and makeup palette, Taylor turned heads with her simple approach to beauty. If you want to copy this look, keep reading to find out how.

Taylor Swift Casual Hairstyle and Makeup

The Hair

Taylor's honey blonde locks are, according to her, 100% natural. If you love her hair colour but aren't blessed with it naturally, you can get the same look by going for a dark honey blonde base with subtle sun-kissed highlights. Keep in mind, you should never go two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour for best results, so this shade is only really ideal for ladies with light brown or blonde hair.

The haircut is actually quite simple and will suit women with oval, oblong, square, heart, and diamond shape faces. Ask your stylist for layers throughout the hair, starting from the jawline and moving down towards the ends to add some movement and body throughout. Your stylist will also need to cut a long eye-skimming fringe that tapers down at the temples and cheekbones to blend in with the rest of the cut. This haircut is a fantastic way to add some trendiness to your current look, not to mention, it should take a few years off as well!

The Makeup

Songstress Taylor is often seen wearing a vampy vintage look, but here she has chosen to flaunt softer, more casual makeup. Although her colours and application are light and feminine, it still works as an evening look. Keep this makeup style in mind for those nights when you want to go for a "less is more" look.

Overall, Taylor is working with peach and bronze tones to bring out her warm complexion and blue eyes. These hues also work great with her honey blonde hair.

To get this makeup look, layer peach, bronze and dark brown eye shadow to create a soft smoky eye. Then use a dark brown eyeliner pencil and mascara on both lash lines to really make them pop.

On the cheeks and lips, take a cue from Taylor and go for soft peach shades all around. Try a glossy apricot-hued lipstick for an extra dose of glam.

Taylor's must-have beauty products include MAC Studio Tech foundation, liquid gel eyeliner and SPF 50 sunscreen. She also keeps her base flawless from inside out by drinking tons of water throughout the day and avoiding sugary foods.

Taylor's simple approach to gorgeous hair and makeup can be adopted by anyone. Now, if we could all just have the same amazing voice!