Model with curly hairAsk your hairstylist for a cut that will work with your hair texture. As great as the latest haircut trend looks on your friend, sister or the celebrity on the cover of the latest gossip magazine, if your hair texture isn't the same, the look will never work for you. Always go with a haircut that keeps your personal hair texture in mind and you'll look effortlessly great. You'll also be better able to manage the cut when you get home.


Model with long blonde hairWhen it comes to achieving any hairstyle, the most successful way to do it is with the help of styling products. In order to know which products work best with your hair type and new cut, and how to use them properly, rely on your stylist's expertise and make it a rule to not leave without asking for their help. Any tips and tricks they can give you for what products will work best for you and how to style your new 'do with the help of the products will give you a great finish every time you style.

Hair Color

Model with brunette hair colorIf coloring your hair is your primary reason for visiting the salon, then make the most of your trip by choosing a hair color that is going to be flattering and low in maintenance. The most flattering hair color for you is something that suits your skin tone and looks natural. Think back to the hair color you had as a child and choose something similar. The tone will blend well with your complexion, and the natural color won't contrast too sharply with your roots as the color grows out. It's a simple but effective color rule to try out.